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Brief Introduction of Shuklagandaki Municipality

Shuklagandaki (Nepali: शुक्लगण्डकी) is a municipality located in Tanahu District of Gandaki Zone in the Western Development Region, Nepal. The municipality was formed on 18 May 2014. It was formed by merging three Village Development Committees: Dhorphirdi, Dulegaunda and Khairenitar. And further more Thaprek, Raipur and Phirphire VDC are merged on 5th march 2017.

This municipality has a high religious value. Dhorbarahi, one of the most famous goddess temples, is located in just a few kilometers far away from Dhorphirdi. Several small famous Hindu temples are located in this municipality. Along with the temples, it also has a Church and a Mosque.[1]

Prithvi Highway goes through this Municipality. Several small roadways are connected to the main cities like Dulegaunda, Khairenitar, Kotre, etc.[2][3]

At the time of 2011 Nepal Census, it had a population of 37,109. After addition of Thaprek, Raipur and Phirphire VDCs on 5th march 2017 population of Shuklagandaki Municipality is 45456 as of 2011 census.